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Our Lavender Lotion is available in 4 oz and 8 oz. The 4 oz comes with a disc-lid cap and the 8 oz comes with the hand pump.



Our Mesa Lavender Farms’ Lotions

Our 4 or 8 oz. Lavender Vanilla Lotion from Mesa Lavender Farms is available in a black plastic bottle. The 8 oz Lavender Vanilla Lotion comes with a pump cap is designed to lock when you travel, so you do not accidentally pump lotion out in your luggage when traveling. We have provided you our Ingredient List so you can avoid allergic reactions. We have added our Grosso lavender essential oil to this pure lotion. This lotion is the result of some of our customers asking for a simple lotion with lavender only. If an 8-ounce bottle is too big for you to carry around, why not pick up one of our lotions in 4 oz. If you like a coconut based lotion, we have a Coconut Lavender Verbena Lotion in 8 oz and 4 oz bottles.

Our Lotion’s Options are:

  • Coconut Lavender Verbena Lotions
    • 4 oz
    • 8 oz
  • Lavender Vanilla Lotions
    • 4 oz
    • 8 oz
  • Lavender Lotions
    • 4 oz
    • 8 oz


This Lavender Lotion does not contain CBDCBD lotions are available here.

Our Lotions contains Shea Butter

We add Shea Butter to all of our lotions. Not too much and not too little. Just enough to provide you with superb moisturizing qualities.   We could use the lower-cost options of palm oil or olive oil instead of shea butter, but we like the consistency provided by the shea butter. Besides shea butter does have medicinal effects. According to Wikipedia,  “Some of the isolated chemical constituents are reported to have anti-inflammatory, emollient, and humectant properties.”

Our Lavender and Lavender Vanilla Lotions are Coconut Oil-Free

If you are allergic to Coconut oil, our Lavender Lotion may be what you need. You will be moisturizing your skin as you enjoy the pleasant scent of our Grosso lavender.   We grow our Grosso lavender in our western Colorado lavender farms.

Grosso is a hybrid of two Lavandula species. Spike Lavender (Lavandula latifolia) and Lavandula angustifolia are its parents.

According to Dr. Tim Upson, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, Lavandula angustifolia has also been called Lavandula officinalis, as well as L. Vera.  In botanical circles, the earliest botanical name assigned to a species takes precedence. L. angustifolia is the correct botanical name for this species. A common name of L. angustifolia is True Lavender. As a result, you can apply the term True Lavender to other lavender species of the angustifolia species.

Consequently, to avoid confusion when referring to lavenders, it is best to use their assigned botanical name. You should use the cultivar name such as Grosso when referring to a lavender. The cultivar name, based on botanical correctness, is always in single quotes such as ‘Grosso.’

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Coconut Lavender Verbena, Lavender, Lavender Vanilla


2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz

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  1. Karen Sullivan (verified owner)

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    Super fast delivery. And an added sample of CBD lotion. Thank you!

  2. Laura P. (verified owner)

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    Love this product, first bought it at the Palisade Farmers Market in 2019. It smells great and is moisturizing without being oily.

  3. Rebecca Charron (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Smells so good and great moisturizer

  4. Diane D. (verified owner)

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