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Mesa Lavender Farms® Liquid Hand Sanitizer is certified with the FDA and is extremely effective. Available in 2-oz., 8-oz and a gallon size jug for refilling smaller containers or as a stand-alone dispenser. The 2 ounce bottles of this liquid hand sanitizer are available with different style dispensers.


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Mesa Lavender Farms® Liquid Hand Sanitizer

is certified with the FDA and is extremely effective. To achieve these results, we must follow an approved formulation which prohibits the use of any additives, such as lavender, aloe, or gel. This product is liquid in consistency and effective with just a couple of drops.

While handwashing is preferred, we will all encounter a time when water is not available. For moments like these, or when extra protection is desired, hand sanitizer provides the crucial protection we need. Mesa Lavender Farms® Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs, including potential disease-causing bacteria.

Mesa Lavender Farms also has three gel hand Sanitizer in three scents, lavender, Alpine, and Fresh. These are available and can be found here. As with our liquid formulation, our gel formulations are registered with FDA.

Mesa Lavender Farms® Hand Sanitizer is formulated following FDA/World Health Organization standards. This hand sanitizer consists of 75% isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, and distilled water. It is available in several bottle types and sizes. Our formulation provides powerful protection that won’t dry your hands out.

Liquid Hand Sanitizer is available in different 2-oz bottles

Our 2-oz bottles fit easily in a purse, pocket, or glove box for on-the-go convenience. We have four options available:

A squeeze bottle with a spout lid (Drip Drop)
A spray and spritz version – the spray version may have a white or black misting cap
The spray version is great for sanitizing steering wheels, doorknobs, and other hard surfaces.
A lotion pump version

The spray and spritz versions have the same mister cap. The reason for the two different bottles is due to the unavailability to obtain the black squat 2l-oz bottles we initially started with. Hence we have two bottles. Some customers like the taller version. Some like the squatter bottle. So we have both available. When ordering, please indicated which version you want to receive.

Mesa Lavender Farms Liquid Hand Sanitizer

is also available in 8-oz lotion pump bottles and gallon jugs.  Our 8-oz size is ideal to set on a table or desk and use throughout the day. Our gallon size is perfect for refilling your smaller bottles, or a bottle of your choice. Some use the gallon size jugs as their size of choice for their establishment, employees and customers. The 8-oz and gallon sizes come with lotion pumps.

Liquid Hand Sanitizer Ingredients

The active ingredient in Mesa Lavender Farms® Hand Sanitizer is 75% isopropyl alcohol. Plant-based Glycerin, an emollient used in this formulation, has a soothing effect that helps to keep your skin soft and supple. The hydrogen peroxide in this formulation is used to inactivate spores that might be in the solution and is not an active component for hand antisepsis.

Cold distilled water is added to ensure the alcohol percentage is at 75%. Higher percentages of alcohol have been found to be less effective than a hand rub with 75% alcohol.

How to Use Our Liquid Hand Sanitizer

PROVIDES MAXIMUM PROTECTION. Apply several drops or squirts of Mesa Lavender Farms® Hand Sanitizer and thoroughly massage into hands and other desired areas. This is an extremely powerful formulation, so no need to overapply. A little goes a long way!

Note: Be Safe

FDA is advising importers, consignees, distributors, retailers and others not to distribute or sell certain hand sanitizers, even if the manufacturer of the product has not recalled it, due to the dangers of methanol or 1-propanol contamination, including death.

FDA is maintaining a list of dangerous hand sanitizers, and recommends entities involved in distributing and selling hand sanitizers continuously check this list as it is being updated regularly.

Mesa Lavender Farms hand sanitizers do not contain methanol or 1-propanol!

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Drip-Drop, Pump, Spray, spritz, with lotion pump

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