Lavender Raspberry Loose Black Tea


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When you drink Mesa Lavender Farms Lavender Raspberry Loose Black Tea causes your taste buds to be met with the fruity flavor of raspberries mingled with our western Colorado culinary lavender and loose black tea.

You make black tea from the leaves of a bush called Camellia sinensis. When you harvest, bruise, and roll the leaves you are on the path to making a black tea. You then allow these leaves to undergo a process of oxidation. The more oxidation you expose the leaves to the darker they become. Green tea is made from tea leaves that are not oxidized.

By drinking black tea you are taking in antioxidants that protect your DNA from damage. In addition you become refreshed and invigorated. The caffeine supplied by the tea is the key to your increase in alertness and vigor. A stimulating substance called theophylline you find in black tea is also responsible for you state of alertness.

Lavender Raspberry Loose Black Tea is one of many teas available

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