Lavender 100% Natural Soy Lotion Candle


Hand poured and highly scented.

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Lavender 100% Natural Soy Lotion Candles

Soy Lotion Candles from Mesa Lavender Farms are made from 100% pure soybean oil naturally rich in vitamin E.  These are highly scented with lavender essential oil. While the candle is burning you will enjoy the pleasant aroma of the lavender essential oil as it vaporizes and fills the air soothing your mind and body. As the candle burns a pool of warm soy oil will form.  After extinguishing the flame you can use the melted soy oil as a moisturizing body lotion on dry damaged skin.

We suggest you check out our lotions. We have lotions with and without CBD as well as two lavender salves with CBD.

You will enjoy having these hand-poured and highly scented candles in your bath or bedroom. These candles are in 8 oz. tins.

Soy instead of paraffin

Soy is a natural alternative to paraffin-based waxes and is thus an environmentally friendly option. In addition soy candles burn cooler, longer and cleaner.


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Weight 8 oz


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