Lavender Hydrosol

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Lavender Hydrosol is Nature’s Natural Facial Tonic and Cleanser


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Lavender Hydrosol – Nature’s Natural Facial Tonic and Cleanser

How can you use Lavender Hydrosol?

  • Use it as a natural cleanser for glasses, windshields, mirrors and the like.
  • Use it in massage therapy and aromatherapy. Suzanne Catty refers to Hydrosols as the next aromatherapy.
  • Use it to moisturize sensitive skin
  • Use it to tone dry skin
  • Use it to mist on the face to cool and refresh
  • Use it too mist pillows and bed clothes to enhance sleep and pleasure – 100% pure lavender hydrosol has a beautiful and relaxing scent
  • Use it as a mist on skin and clothing as a perfume
  • Use it too help in removing makeup, while restoring dry, irritated skin
  • Use it as a mist on hair to enhance the scent and help restore natural oils

Mesa Lavender Farms Lavender Hydrosol is perfect for all skin types.

What is Lavender Hydrosol?

Some call hydrosol “floral water”. Many suppliers of lavender floral water simply add drops of lavender essential oil to distilled water. This defeats the purpose of having a suspension of droplets of essential oil blended in the water. Water and oil don’t mix.

Lavender hydrosol, resulting from the actual distillation of the floral stems of the highest level of purity of lavender consists of microdroplets of essential oil suspended in the mix of sterile distilled water along with the true water-soluble essences of the lavender plant.  This product is also called hydrosol hydrolat, hydrolase, and plant waters. Not all hydrosol is equal in quality. It all depends on how it is produced.

Mesa Lavender Farms lavender hydrosol is distilled in food-grade stainless steel stills to avoid any contamination of heavy metals which can result when distilled in non-food grade stills. In addition, the field from which Mesa Lavender Farms lavender floral stems are harvested have not been exposed to pesticides commonly used in some lavender fields.

Steam from the pot in the bottom of the still escape the boiling water and move through the plant material suspended above the pot. The steam pops the glands containing the oil and carries the oil released with it up and through the condenser. The steam also moves water soluble compounds of the plant material up along with the essential oil as it moves through the basket of lavender stems and flowers. The essential oil produced is water insoluble and does not mix with water depending on the temperature of the condenser. The remaining plant essences carried along with the steam are water soluble and form a suspension in the resulting hydrosol.

When the products of distillation drip from the condenser the temperature determines the amount of essential oil that separates from the watery hydrosol. Essential oil is lighter than water and thus floats to the surface separating from the hydrosol during the condensation process. Depending on the temperature of the condenser, micro-droplets of essential oil will remain suspended in the hydrosol. In addition, the water-soluble components of the plant’s essences remain suspended in the hydrosol. Some people distill strictly for hydrosol and others distill for essential oil thus the temperature of the condenser is critical.

Mesa Lavender Farms Lavender Hydrosol has deep roots

‘Lavare’ was the term used by the Romans as lavender and lavender hydrosol was used in Roman baths and thus synonymous with washing and bathing. Lavare is also used synonymously with innocence or purity. Thus, lavender was used to ‘purify’ the area and those using the baths.

Mesa Lavender Farms Grosso hydrosol is available in 8, 4, and 2-ounce black misting bottles. It is also available by the gallon. Contact if interested in large quantities.

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