Lavender Essential Oil Set, Grosso, Super, Maillette, Folgate


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Lavender Essential Oil Set of 4 different cultivars

CALMING AND CLEANSING PROPERTIES. Lavender Essential Oil has been used throughout history for its calming and cleansing properties. Mesa Lavender Farms® pure Lavender Essential Oil is of the very highest quality available. This is the same oil we use to manufacture our lovely lotions, body butters, salves, and more. CBD and non-CBD products. The therapeutic benefits of our Lavender Oil include relaxation, calming, balance, cleansing, and sleep promotion.

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN LAVENDER USING AN ESSENTIAL OIL DEFUSER. Defuse Mesa Lavender Farms® Lavender Essential Oil in your home, office, and car and immerse yourself in the calming and relaxing aroma. This method is especially beneficial for those who experience high stress and anxiety, as well as those who suffer from insomnia and other sleep issues.

A NATURAL AND THERAPUTIC PERFUME. Dilute Mesa Lavender Farms® Lavender Essential Oil with a carrier oil or use our unconcentrated oil for a natural and therapeutic perfume. Enjoy the beautiful fragrance on your skin to promote a stress-free day or sprinkle a bit on your pillow for a restful night’s sleep.

CUSTOM SIZES ABAILABLE. Mesa Lavender Farms® Lavender Essential Oil is available in 5 ml glass amber bottles. We also have 4 oz size available for white label only. For custom sizes, please inquire at .

The fragrances among lavender cultivars is quite varied, each with its own unique combination of chemicals.

This Lavender Essential Oil set contains True and Hybrid Lavenders

The True Lavender, also referred to as English Lavender, of the species Lavandula angustifolia, tend to have more floral notes and less camphor than the hybrid Lavandins. Even cultivars of the True Lavenders differ widely in their aromas and tastes. These cultivars are also called English Lavender. Some of the angustifolia cultivars are great for baking and adding to drinks, or use in rubs. ‘Folgate’ is one of the best lavenders for culinary use. The essential oils of Folgate and Maillette included in this set are English or True lavenders. The L. angustifolia cultivars are known for their very low camphor content.

Lavandins, cultivars of Lavandula x intermedia (the x stands for cross) contain more camphor and give a sharper, woodier fragrance. For this reason, these are more often used for aromatherapy and not culinary uses. The cross is between L. angustifolia (True Lavender) and L. latifolia, spike lavender. Spike Lavender has a very high camphor content providing the basis of camphor for the Lavandins. Lavandins are usually the lavender essential oil types used in kennels to relax and calm dogs.

All of the Lavender essential oils in this collection were distilled from floral stems harvested from plants of named cultivars grown at Mesa Lavender Farms Colorado fields under natural conditions. The term ‘cultivar’ refers to cultivated varieties. These are typically grown from cuttings and not seed. The Lavandins are sterile and don’t  produce viable seed and thus need to be propagated form cuttings. The cultivar names are usually in single quotes.

What is included in this Lavender Essential Oil Set?


‘Grosso’ Lavender Essential Oil is the most fragrant of all Lavenders. Used for aromatherapy, potpourri, massage therapists, yoga studios, and other areas where the scent of lavender is appreciated. This is also the most common lavender used in diffusers to enhance sleep. 100% Pure and Natural. This essential oil contains no synthetic fragrances or other synthetic chemicals.   Known for its high camphor content this cultivar is grown for its scent and used in potpourri and for aromatherapy. It is also blended with salves, lotions, and other products to provide the lavender scent most familiar to consumers.


‘Super’ Lavender Essential Oil is used for aromatherapy, in massages, potpourri, and similar uses. The lavender essential oil of this cultivar has  a spicy, camphorous lavender scent. The high linalyl acetate content and relatively low camphor is responsible for the distinctive scent. The high camphor content of 6.54% gives the oil a bitter taste and thus not recommended for culinary use. The linalyl acetate and linolool components, are reported as 30.31 and 36.38 percent, respectively.


Maillette is a cultivar of Lavandula angustifolia, a True/English Lavender. This lavender essential oil has a fresh sweet-herbaceous floral, with clear, crystalline top notes. The undertones are of a soft green/woody scent. The high floral linalyl acetate content, and low camphor content are responsible for the sweet scent. this is used in aromatherapy  ‘Maillette’ is a True Lavender of the species Lavandula angustifolia. ( L. officinalis and L. vera are used interchangeably). The essential oil of ‘Maillette’ is sweet with a soft green/woody aroma.


‘Folgate’ is a True Lavender of the species Lavandula angustifolia. Essential Oil is one of the best lavenders for culinary use and used for aromatherapy. ‘Folgate’ is considered highly preferred for baking and cooking, 100% Pure and Natural. This essential oil contains no synthetic fragrances or other synthetic chemicals. Add a drop or two to tea, coffee, lemonade, mixed drinks, and other drinks and use in baking.  The essential oil of ‘Folgate’ is sweet with floral notes.

Why is there a difference in aroma?

Lavender cultivars differ in the amount of each of the 100+ terpenes in their essential oil. The concentrations also differ for the same cultivar based on growing conditions such as soil fertility levels, humidity, elevation above sea level, age of the plants, etc.

The equipment and process the distiller uses effects aroma. Lavender distilled in copper will have a different odor than lavender distilled in a stainless steel due to the copper causing a chemical change of some of the components of the oil. If water saturates or splashes into the plant material during distillation, the aroma will change due to hydrolysis of some of the chemical compounds.  For example, linalyl acetate will convert to linalool due to hydrolysis. Those producing hydrosol for aromatherapy, typically use hydro-distillation where the floral stems are processed in water and not steam distilled. This results in a higher linalool concentration and lower linalyl acetate concentration.

Oxidation during storage also will change the chemistry of the oil and change the aroma.

Mesa Lavender Farms uses food-grade stainless steel stills. We take care to ensure the boiling water in the pot does not splash into the basket of floral stems in the basket above the water. Mesa Lavender Farms caps their essential oils after distilling and during storage with inert food-grade nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation. We take these precautions to ensure our customers receive the highest quality and truly unique essential oils possible. We want our customers to smell the real aroma of the cultivar they are purchasing.

Table 1: Essential Oil Chemical Composition of Four Lavender Cultivars

Aroma specs
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Note: The molecular weight determines the volatility of the compound. The lighter the compound the quicker it’s aroma will be noticed.

The scent of Camphor is considered to be clean, intense, and penetrating. Otherwise it is practically indescribable.
The scent of Linalool is floral and slightly sweet with a hint of Mint. Used in a60 to 80% of perfumed hygiene products and cleaning agents including soaps, detergents, shampoos, and lotions.
The scent of Linalyl acetate a fruity odor.

Note: Each of these cultivars are available in 5 ml euro-dropper bottles separately as well as in this set of four. Large Quantities are also available. Contact if interested in larger quantities. Quantities are, however, limited for Folgate.



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