Lavare 2 oz




Nature’s Natural Cleanser

Lavender hydrosol you can use as a natural cleanser. We produce our hydrosol through steam distillation thus it is sterile when it comes out of the condenser. You can also call our hydrosol hydrolat, hydrolate, floral waters, and plant waters.

When the products of distillation drip from the condenser the temperature determines the amount of essential oil that separates from the watery hydrosol. Essential oil is lighter than water and thus floats to the surface when separated from the hydrosol during condensation. Depending on the temperature of the condenser, micro-droplets of essential oil will remain suspended in the hydrosol. In addition water soluble components of the plant’s essences remain in the hydrosol. Some people distill strictly for hydrosol and others distill for essential oil thus temperature of the condenser is critical.

Mesa Lavender Farms Lavender Hydrosol; we call it Lavare

We have named our lavender hydrosol ‘Lavare’ in honor of the Romans. Lavender was used in Roman baths and thus synonymous with washing – bathing.

Lavender Hydrosol is used in massage therapy and aromatherapy. Suzanne Catty refers to Hydrosols as the next aromatherapy.

Mesa Lavender Farms Grosso hydrosol is also available in 8 ounce and 4 ounce amber misting bottles.

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