Immune Boost Essential Oil Blend

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Mesa Lavender Farms® ‘Immune Boost’

A blend of 5 key essential oils, cinnamon leaf, sweet orange, clove bud, Eucalyptus globulus, and rosemary for powerful support during this trying time. This blend, comparable to other higher priced immune defense products, is a great addition to support your respiratory and immune systems*. Available in a 10 ml roll-on applicator this blend is diluted with USDA Organic MCT oil from coconuts and recommended for anyone 5 years or older.

The therapeutic benefits of these oils are from inhalation and directly through the skin. To increase the benefits of the oil solution, rub the oil up your arms to the lymph nodes in your armpits and on your chest.

We hope you find the following research articles on the immunity benefits of essential oils of interest.

Protective essential oil attenuates influenza virus infection: An in vitro study in MDCK cells Authors found the essential oil blend in our formulation notably reduced influenza virus infection.

Aromatherapy With Essential Oils (PDQ®)  This research review reports positive effects on human behavior and the immune system when administered by inhalation or diluted topical application.

Much More Than a Pleasant Scent: A Review on Essential Oils Supporting the Immune System Authors discuss the immune-supporting properties of essential oils and their effects on various parts of the immune system

Effectiveness of aromatherapy with light Thai massage for cellular immunity improvement in colorectal cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. reported that aromatherapy massage affects the immune system and improves immune function. Immune-modifying and antimicrobial effects of Eucalyptus oil and simple inhalation devices.  Found to stimulate the immune system.

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