Herbes de Provence


Ingredients: Sweet leaf basil, French thyme, Greek oregano, sage, rosemary, and western Colorado culinary lavender.

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Herbes de Provence seasoning is a blending of aromatic Mediterranean herbs. Use with broiled tomatoes, grilled/roasted vegetables, pasta, tomato sauces, roasted chicken, ribs and other foods. Add a pinch to olive oil and use to baste chicken and other fowl prior to roasting.

Add our Herbes de Provence before or during cooking to infuse the flavor or this seasoning into the food being prepared.

This mixture of dried herbs is considered typical of the Provence region of southeast France. The true French version however doesn’t typically contain lavender, but since Provence France is noted for its lavender fields, and Mesa Lavender Farms grows lavender, it makes sense for our version to contain our western Colorado grown culinary lavender.

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