Clean Grosso Lavender Buds 4oz


Non-edible. Clean Grosso Lavender Buds, Long Lasting Aroma, Use for Potpourri, Sachets, Soaps, Candles, Crafts, Instead of Confetti at Weddings and Ceremonies, sleep aid, essential oil.

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Clean Grosso Lavender Buds from Mesa Lavender Farms are great for Potpourri, Sachets, Soaps, Candles, and other Crafts. Our buds can also be used instead of Confetti at Weddings and other special occasions.

Mesa Lavender Farms Grosso buds are cleaned using an 1800 era seed cleaner. We remove the dust and most of the bracts and bracteoles, stems, leaves and other debris associated with lavender buds.

Grosso is one of the most fragrant of Lavenders. You can use the buds to fill sachets to hang in your closets or drawers. When you give the sachet a squeeze you will release more of the lavender fragrance. Carry the lavender-filled sachets with you in your luggage, purse, attache bag, etc when you travel. Squeeze and smell the sachet when you need to relax.

Keep a lavender-filled sachet under your pillow to help you sleep. Or if you prefer, you can use a couple drops of our Grosso Lavender Essential Oil on your pillow to help you sleep more comfortably.


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