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While hand washing is preferred, we will all encounter a time when water is not available. For moments like these, or when extra protection is desired, hand sanitizer provides the crucial protection we need.

Mesa Lavender Farms® Hand Sanitizers, unlike many on the market, are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Each bottle is marked on the bottom with the FDA’s product registration number.

Liquid Hand Sanitizer

Our liquid hand sanitizer is FDA’s initial approved monograph which prohibits the use of any additives, such as lavender, aloe, or gel. This product is liquid and unscented.

Gel Hand Sanitizer

Mesa Lavender Farms® has registered three gel hand sanitizers with the FDA. These scented hand sanitizers are Lavender, Alpine, and Fresh. The Lavender gel leaves a nice lavender scent on your hands after the smell of alcohol has dissipated. Our Alpine scented hand sanitizer has a masculine scent. Fresh is Purell scented.

Mesa Lavender Farms® Hand Sanitizers are formulated with isopropyl alcohol as the active ingredient in 2-ounce bottles. Glycerin is a critical component of our formulation as it has a soothing effect that helps to keep your skin soft and supple. Our scented gels are available in squeeze bottles. Our non-scented liquid hand sanitizer is available in a squeeze, squirt, and pump bottles.

The 2-oz bottles fit easily in a purse, pocket, or glove box for on-the-go convenience. Our hand sanitizers also are available in gallon jugs with a lotion pump. Additional sizes are available on request.

For maximum protection, apply several drops of Mesa Lavender Farms® Hand Sanitizer and thoroughly massage into hands and other desired areas. This is an extremely powerful formulation, so no need to overapply. A little goes a long way!

Due to current shortages in the supply chain, we are having a difficult time getting our hands on our standard Hand Sanitizer bottles and lids. Despite this setback, our mission remains the same – we are dedicated to making this essential product accessible to our community. To achieve this, we are utilizing any containers and lid that we can get our hands-on. As a result, the application method and bottle that contains your Mesa Lavender Farms® Hand Sanitizer may vary depending on what is available. Regardless of these differences, each varying bottle will contain our FDA registered formulation. Please take note of the product images on the website, as well as the drop-down menu. These will indicate which bottles and applicators are in stock.

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