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Mesa Lavender Farms, Lavender Lemon Full Spectrum CBD Tincture uses MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil as their carrier oil. MCT oil boosts metabolism and increases mental clarity. MCT may even benefit heart health, obesity prevention, and brain health. CBD is known to help relieve pain. It’s an anti-inflammatory, and it is also an anti-anxiety agent.

We add our lavender essential oil which has many benefits including, reduces anxiety and stress, protects against diabetes symptoms, improves brain function, improves sleep, restores skin complexion and reduces acne, slows aging with powerful antioxidants, and relieves pain. Lemon cleanses the body.

Cannabidiol CBD – is a cannabis compound with many medical benefits derived from Industrial Hemp. The distillate used in three of our tinctures in a full-spectrum CBD with a shallow concentration (0.06%) of THC. We also have 100% CBD only tinctures.

Mesa Lavender Farms’ CBD only has four different formulations:

  • Lavender Tincture (Available in 1 ounce (600 mg) & 2 ounce (1,200 mg) dropper bottles)
  • Lavender Lemon Tincture (Available in 1 ounce (600 mg) & 2 ounce (1,200 mg) dropper bottles)
  • Lemon Tincture (Available in 1 ounce (600 mg) & 2 ounce (1,200 mg) dropper bottles)
  • Unflavored (Available in 1 ounce (600 mg) & 2 ounce (1,200 mg) dropper bottles)
  • Pet Unflavored (Available in 1 ounce (600 mg) & 2 ounce (1,200 mg) dropper bottles)

Mesa Lavender Farms’ full-spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) Tinctures are created using a CBD distillate combined with a Medium Chain Triglyceride sourced from coconut oil. The chemical analysis is here.

Each drop of tincture provides 1 mg of CBD. Each inch of the dropper contains approximately 22 drops or 22 mg of CBD. A typical dose to use is shown in the Table below. When in doubt on the dosage you should consult with your doctor or veterinarian (Pets formulation).

We have three full-spectrum tinctures available in one and two-ounce dropper bottles.

  • Lavender Only – Lavender oil
  • Lavender Lemon – Lemon oil and culinary lavender essential oil.
  • Lemon – Lemon oil
  • Pets – fragrance-free – best added to your pet’s food or treats.

Mesa Lavender Farms CBD tinctures come in one-ounce dropper bottles (600 mg of CBD) and two-ounce dropper bottles (1200 mg of CBD).

Tinctures are typically taken sub-lingual (i.e., under the tongue) and held there for 30 to 90 seconds. The high abundance of capillaries under the tongue allows CBD to enter the bloodstream quicker than when CBD is swallowed. When swallowed, CBD can take several hours to move through the body to provide relief from arthritis and other ailments. Dividing the recommended amount needed into several applications is more effective than taking the full dose all at one time.

Some practitioners recommend adding tincture CBD to finely ground pink Himalayan salt and rubbing the afflicted area with this mixture. Some use sugar instead of salt.

Body Weight

< 25 lbs

  • none – mild: 5 mg
  • medium: 6 mg
  • severe: 9 mg

26 – 45 lbs

  • none – mild: 6 mg
  • medium: 9 mg
  • severe: 12 mg

46 – 85 lbs

  • none – mild: 9 mg
  • medium:  12 mg
  • severe: 15 mg

86 – 150 lbs

  • none – mild: 12 mg
  • medium: 15 mg
  • severe: 18 mg

151 – 240 lbs

  • none – mild: 18 mg
  • medium: 22.5 mg
  • severe: 27 mg

> 241 lbs

  • none – mild: 22.5 mg
  • medium: 30 mg
  • severe: 45 mg

5 milligrams is the threshold where cannabinoids become effective.

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