This Mesa Lavender Farm’s Covid Kit includes:

  • One Protection Mask
  • Lavender Gel Hand Sanitizer
  • Liquid Spray Hand Sanitizer
  • Lavender Hydrosol
  • Immune Boost Essential Oil Blend


This Mesa Lavender Farms Covid Kit contains:

This package also comes in a convenient zip-lock bag ready for your workspace, glove box, or travel bag. This coronavirus kit is TSA/airport inspection friendly and helpful for travelers during their trips. Mesa Lavender Farms’ team wishes everyone to be safe during the pandemic and stay healthy.

What is included in this Covid Kit?

Mask is essential while out in public in many places. Most states and countries require a mask while out in public. Mesa Lavender Farms would like to include one protective mask in this covid package. This disposable mask will help keep you and those who are nearby safe.

Our Lavender Gel Hand Sanitizer, Liquid Spray Hand Sanitizer, Lavender Hydrosol, and Immune Boost are all manufactured at Mesa Lavender Farms’ laboratory in Grand Junction, Colorado. The Mesa Lavender Farms team is proud to say that our products are made in the USA!

There are a lot of plain or no-scent gel hand sanitizers out there. Mesa Lavender Farms has successfully produced Lavender Gel Hand Sanitizers under the FDA approval guideline. The Lavender Gel Hand Sanitizer helps prevent the transfer of viruses and bacteria from your hands to your face.


Our Liquid Spray Hand Sanitizer is one of our perfect products for sanitizing the steering wheels, doorknobs, shopping carts, or other hard surfaces in the public area.




Our Lavender Hydrosol helps to clean the surface for sunglasses, glasses, face shields, or any eye protection.




Our Immune Boost Essential Oil Blend helps enhances your immune system and is a fragrant mix of several essential oils. Apply Lavender Hydrosol or Immune Boost directly to your mask to provide additional protection and to help reduce the stale odor that accumulates behind your mask throughout the day.


This COVID kit product is highly recommended for everyone of all ages who need to go to the grocery store, doctor visits, or travel to any places for business trips or family visits.

Why use Mesa Lavender Farms’ COVID Kit?

Mesa Lavender Farms grows and distills its own lavender for these products. We follow organic guidelines in the production phase and use food-grade stainless steel stills for distillation. Also, we use food-grade nitrogen gas during the distillation and storage processes to ensure our oils do not cause an allergic reaction due to oxidation.

We use a natural product to remove all the water from our lavender essential oil to ensure the hydrolysis and associated degradation of the oil does not occur. Hydrosol, the floral water produced during the distillation process, is filtered through non-bleached coffee filters to remove any impurities which could reduce its quality.

The Mesa Lavender Farms’ Hand Sanitizers are created using USP (United States Pharmacopeia)/ ACS (American Chemical Society)/ NF (National Formulary) grade isopropyl alcohol, the highest purity alcohol possible. We do not use Methanol as other manufacturers may do. Methanol is known to cause headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, kidney failure, coma, and even death.

Researchers report the essential oil blend in Mesa Lavender Farms Immune Boost formulation notably reduces influenza virus infection. You can read more about essential oil from the PMC – United State National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health –

The wholesale price is available by contacting Rose King or call at (970)628-1339. We do have large or small volumes available to ship as soon as possible throughout the United States.

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