Coconut Lavender Verbena Lotion 8oz


Coconut Lavender Verbena Lotion, Grosso Lavender Essential Oil, Lavandin, 2cc Lotion Pump, Locking Pump, No Spill, Amber Plastic Bottle, Grand Junction, Colorado, CO,


Coconut Lavender Verbena Lotion by Mesa Lavender Farms, is available in an 8 fluid ounce black plastic bottle. The lotion pump dispenses 2 cc of lotion each time you press the pump. And, you can lock the pump to prevent making a mess. A slight twist of the lock will allow the pump to release the lotion. Or, twist it the other way and the pumping device locks.

The Lavender used in Mesa Lavender Farms Coconut Lavender Verbena Lotion is locally grown and distilled from Grosso lavender plants.

Grosso is a hybrid of two species of lavender. Hybrids are commonly known as Lavandins. Some growers refuse to consider the Lavandins are lavender. In fact, Lavandins are the most widely grown lavender, dominating the world’s production of lavender essential oil. Due to the confusion of what a lavender is and is not, you should always ensure you purchase plants and essential oil and products made from that oil knowing the cultivar name of the lavender.

A cultivar by definition must be asexually propagated from a known named cultivar. Aromatherapist typically purchase the essential oil of a lavender cultivar based on its medicinal qualities. Lavender cultivars have different levels of chemical compounds. The concentration of an individual compound can vary greatly from one cultivar to another. Purchasing essential oil without knowing the cultivar name defeats the purpose of the oil if you are in effect purchasing an essential oil from a different cultivar.

Coconut Lavender Verbena Lotion also available with CBD

If you have aches and pains from arthritis and other ailments you might want to try our Coconut Lavender Verbena Lotion with CBD. This is available in 8 ounce bottles with a lotion pump, or our 4 ounce size with a disc top cap. We also have our salves with CBD.

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Weight 12 oz
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