Certificates of Analysis


Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

COAs are an important part of understanding the CBD products you are purchasing. This testing, done by a third-party analytical laboratory, let you know the amount of each of the cannabinoid are in the finished product.

Some companies have their own testing facility and can thus manipulate the data. Mesa lavender farms sends a sample of the finished product to a private lab for testing to avoid any possible appearance of impropriety.

Mesa Lavender Farms also send samples of the concentrates we use (full-spectrum, and isolate) to a third-party lab to confirm the concentrates we use are what the suppliers documentation says it contains. It is not unusual to find a difference of 2 to 3 percent. It is important for us to know the starting concentration of the concentrates used to formulate our products so we can provide you, our customers, with salves, tinctures, lotions, etc. containing what the label says it contains.


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