7 Seasonings Dust


The perfect seasoning for your meal, it doesn’t only have to be for meals but also can be used for snacks. The 7 Seasonings Dust or 7 Seasonings Spice is something worth having in your cupboard or spice rack.


7 Seasonings Dust has a blend of seven herbs and spices is fantastic as a marinade for chicken, pork, steak, and seafood. Sprinkle on pasta dishes, salads, vegetables, eggs, popcorn, and tomatoes. Add a dusting to olive oil and salad dressing to enhance the flavor. This product has endless possibilities of fabulous flavors to add to any of your meals. The 7 Seasonings Dust is also known as Magic Dust Seasoning.

The 7 Seasonings Dust contain:

  • Sea Salt
  • Tellicherry Pepper is a higher quality of black pepper. Tellicherry Pepper would give you more top quality flavor to your taste bud.
  • Purple Shallots
  • Tarragon
  • Bay Leaves
  • Chives
  • Western Colorado Culinary Lavender

7 Seasonings Dust contains a higher quality of herbs and spices to give you more flavor to your meal. 7 Seasonings Dust is not just for the simple dinner but also can be used for grilling.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 oz