Mesa Lavender Farms Pet CBD will help reduce your pet’s anxiety, stress, nausea, and pain of osteoarthritis.

A review of the many web pages on the use of CBD for pets provides varied recommendations on dosage for pets from 0.22 milligrams of CBD/10 lb of body weight up to 5 mg CBD/10 pounds of body weight. One to five mg of CBD per 10 pounds of research tends to track with the research reported by Gamble, et al. conducted with Beagles. When starting your pet on CBD, always start with the lowest dosage and increase the dosage if your pets’ condition warrants an increase.

Mesa Lavender Farms Pet CBD is formulated so one drop equals one mg of CBD. This takes the guesswork out of how many drops you should provide your pets. Some web sites include a calculator for the CBD products they carry. If you know how much your pet weighs and how many mgs of CBD you want to provide (1 to 5 mg/10 pounds of body weight) you already know how many drops you are going to provide your pet. With our product there is no need for a complicated calculator.

Based on research Mesa Lavender Farms recommends the dosage be split between a morning and evening application. If possible try to get this under the tongue for more rapid uptake. Giving your pet a small treat after the CBD tends to encourage your pet to be more willing to accept CBD the next time around.

Mesa Lavender Farms  Pet CBD is formulated without any essential oils as recommended by ASPCA. The carrier we use is a medium chain triglyceride to increase metabolism, absorption, and movement of CBD throughout the body.

We use a full-spectrum distillate in Mesa Lavender Farms  Pet CBD which contains a small amount of THC (0.14%). We feel it is important you know what you are giving your pet. The chemical analysis of the hemp oil distillate we use in our pet formulation is important to us. When purchasing CBD products from other suppliers be sure to obtain its chemical analysis. You wouldn’t give your children products that contained harmful compounds. Why would you do that with your pets? If you can’t obtain the analysis why not?

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Active Links to research on use of CBD for Pets

Following are a few of the many peer-reviewed articles on the use of cannabinoids with pets. You can find many more at the National Institute of Health Web site at . Click on the link to reach the article.

Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Clinical Efficacy of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthritic Dogs by Gamle et. al,

This pharmacokinetic and clinical study suggests that 2 mg/kg of CBD twice daily (4 mg total/day) can help increase comfort and activity in dogs with OA.

This research was conducted with Beagles being the test subjects. Beagles typically weight 20 to 22 pounds. Larger animals would most likely need larger dosages of CBD. Mesa Lavender Farms Pet CBD tincture is formulated so 1 drop = 1 mg CBD.

Clinical Trials at Colorado State University

30 research beagles were given capsules, tincture (oil) and transdermal cream.  The tincture was the most promising for safety and measurement in the blood.

The lowdown on cannabis in veterinary medicine

This is a good review of conditions cannabinoids can be used to treat including pain relief, lack of appetite, cancer, nausea and vomiting, inflammatory bowel disease, and others.

“Hemp contains primarily CBD, which is not psychoactive and has antianxiety, antipsychotic, antispasmodic and antibacterial properties.”

Mesa Lavender Farms CBD tinctures use an industrial hemp distillate which has a very low level of THC. Thus an overdose with THC is highly unlikely when using our products. The chemical analysis of our products is provided here.

Marijuana for pets?

“Dogs are reported to have a higher number of cannabinoid receptors in the brain compared with humans.”

This may be the reason dogs respond quicker and at a lower dosage to CBD than humans. Mesa Lavender Farms recommends a minimum dose of 5 mg of CBD per day for humans and an increase in dosage based on weight and severity of pain, nausea, anxiety, stress, etc.