CBD Salve Tri 2 ozI have suffered from arthritis in my knuckles for years now and it only gets worse as I get older. My symptoms always flair up when the weather gets cold. For as long as I can remember I have dreaded the winter because I knew the pain in my hands would come along with it. Last year the inflammation from my arthritis was so bad that I could barely move my fingers. Everyday tasks and hobbies like washing the dishes or working on my knitting were becoming impossible. The doctors were no help, nothing seemed to work, and I was tired of taking so many pills. By the time January rolled around I was starting to feel useless. I called my girlfriend, Maryanne, up on the phone and told her how frustrated I was becoming. Maryanne is around my age, so she understands the ever-increasing aches and pains that come along with getting older. Maryanne told me over the phone that her back had given her troubles for years, but recently she had started using CBD salve that her granddaughter had given her for Christmas. I was pretty skeptical because I’m not into that hippy-dippy stuff, but Maryanne swore by it. She assured me it was very high quality and safe to use and convinced me to try it. She brought it out to our next bridge game. All of us gals get together on Thursdays to play cards. Maryanne had all of us try it out. I couldn’t believe how quickly the pain in my hands started to go away after I put it on. All of the ladies were very impressed. We went on the internet after the card game and we all ordered the salve from Mesa Lavender Farms. I got mine in the mail three days later, I was very happy with their prompt and free shipping. I’ve tried a couple of different scents now and they all work but my favorite is the Tri; I love the smell of lavender. The CBD salve has been a godsend to me. I don’t think I would have gotten through the winter without it. All of my friends from bridge think so too, Donna uses it on her bad knee and Helan puts it on her back and hip when they start acting up. This product has offered me relief from arthritic hands that I thought I would have to put up with for the rest of my life. When I rub it on my knuckles, I’m pain-free for hours. I admit I was not a believer before Maryanne had me try hers, but now I realize how wonderful quality CBD is for my arthritis. I am very impressed by Mesa Lavender Farm’s CBD salve. This product has enabled me to go back to enjoying my life and hobbies without so much pain.