Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

While hand washing is preferred, we will all encounter a time when water is not available. For moments like these, or when extra protection is desired, hand sanitizer provides the crucial protection we need.

Mesa Lavender Farms® Hand Sanitizers, unlike many on the market, are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Each bottle is marked on the bottom with the FDA’s product registration number.

Mesa Lavender Farms has the other hand and health products related that can be found at the Shop Now button.

Drip Drop sanitizer

Mesa Lavender Farms® original, FDA approved Hand Sanitizer. Our non-scented liquid formulation sterilizes the hands without drying them out.

Pump hand sanitizer

Mesa Lavender Farms® original liquid, non-scented formulation in an easy to use pump bottle. Perfect for fast and easy application. Our 2oz size is a great personal sanitizer to keep in your car or pocket, while our larger sizes can be set out on a table or desk. 

Spray hand sanitizer

Mesa Lavender Farms® original Hand Sanitizer in a convenient spray bottle. Easily create a germ-free space by spraying our non-scented sanitizer on your hands, phone, steering wheel, shopping cart and more.

gel hand sanitizer

Mesa Lavender Farms® new FDA registered Gel Hand Sanitizer is available in three scents – Lavender, Fresh, and Alpine. This popular formulation sanitizes the hands while moisturizing them and leaving them smelling pleasantly. 

Gallon - Refill

Our Hand Sanitizers are available by the gallon with a lotion pump dispenser. Use to refill your Mesa Lavender Farms® bottle, put in the container of your choosing, or use it with the lotion pump.

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Our Hand Sanitizers

Health Canada recalls six hand sanitizers containing industrial-grade ethanol. There is no reason to assume hand sanitizers being sold in the United States and elsewhere are also not contaminated with harmful compounds. In fact, the FDA said it had found significant levels of the carcinogen acetaldehyde in ethanol supplied by a company for use in hand sanitizer in the United States.

What Customers Are Saying

Great to be able to get this product from a local company. The size of the bottle is great for carrying. I do like the spray bottle, so that I get just the right amount.


  1. Thank you for the speedy delivery and the enclosed information for the product. I look forward to doing more business with you.

Meredith M.

    1. Fair price, fast shipping and effective product. Great local company helping our community.

Rudolf M.

Can I use hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water to protect your health and reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19. If the wash station/bathroom is unavailable, the hand sanitizer with alcohol is acceptable. Hand sanitizer can be applied after washing the clean hands.

What is the recommended percentage of alcohol in hand sanitizers to kill germs?

CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended 60 percent alcohol to kill the germs on the skin or hand. –

What kind of hand sanitation does the CDC recommend?

To understand the kind of hand sanitizer products to buy, please read the FDA’s website. Mesa Lavender Farms uses the proper alcohol that is recommended by the FDA.

Where can I buy hand sanitizer, and if I can’t find it in the store, can I make my own?

To save the headache, Mesa Lavender Farms has plenty of the best alcohol-based hand sanitizers in stock!

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