Grosso lavender buds

Grosso lavender buds from Mesa Lavender Farms  are used for potpourri, when making sachets, shoulder wraps, neck rolls, added to soaps and candles, used with other crafts, and in place of confetti at weddings. We clean our Grosso buds to remove stems, dust and plant debris.

Are Grosso lavender buds edible?

Grosso buds are not edible and you should not use them in baking cookies, pastries and other food items. We carry buds of Folgate which you can use for all sorts of culinary activities. You can also shop for spices already mixed with Folgate buds if you prefer.

Are these really ‘buds’?

A bud is a plant structure that  develops into a leaf, flower, or shoot. We use the term ‘bud’ to describe these vase-shaped flower parts but in botanical terms these are a part of the flower. The proper term to use would be calyces (calyx is the singular form). Saying bud is much easier than trying to explain this. If you want to learn more check out my blog item on the parts of a lavender flower.

4 ounce bag of Grosso lavender buds
Grosso is one of the most fragrant lavenders you will find.