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    1. Hi,

      I have some diffuser necklaces at this time. I can meet you tomorrow Saturday if you live in Mesa County. If you are out of the area be advised we are in the process of obtaining more diffuser necklaces and will get those posted on our web site hopefully within the week.

      Curtis Swift

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your request for information on our products. I am in the process of updating the information on our products. If you have a product in mind you would like more information on please let me know which of the products on our web site (Mesalavenderfarms.com) you are interested in and I’ll see what else I can provide you.

      Curtis Swift, Mesa Lavender Farms, Grand Junction, CO

  1. I have pretty major arthritis in my knee. I bought a jar of the #2 salve and it works pretty well by keeping the pain in check for a portion of the day. But, I was wondering if a higher concentration of CBD in the lotion would work better. Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      I’m glad the salve has helped you with your pain.
      The 1 ounce salve with 50 mg of CBD is the strongest we have. I can’t find any CBD salve with a high concentration.

      You can order more salve on our web site. If you live in the Grand Valley of western Colorado I can deliver it to you to save you shipping costs.

      Curtis Swift, Mesa lavender Farms

    1. Georgia,

      Salve #1 has lavender essential oil of the cultivar ‘Grosso’.
      Salve #2 has lavender essential oil from the cultivars ‘Grosso’, ‘Super’, and ‘Maillette’. Grosso and Super are hybrids and Maillette is an English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia).

      Salve #2 is a milder in odor due to the lower camphor content of Super and Maillette. The amount of Lavender essential oil in both #1 and #2 are the same, just the cultivars differ.

      We use essential oil produced from plants grown and processed in our farms in Mesa County Colorado. We do not use any oils from overseas producers.

      Curtis Swift

    1. Hi,

      Just make a list of what you need from the Web Site. Let us know what you want and Kate or I will bring the items to your home or place of business. Please provide a phone number so we can contact you to deliver your order.

      Curtis Swift, Mesa Lavender Farms

  2. I live locally in Grand Junction. I would like to pick up instead of it being mailed. How do I place an order without being charged shipping? Thank you!

    1. Kayla,

      Go to our web site at MesaLavenderFarms.com, jot down what you want and send me a text at 778.7866 or call me with what you want and I’ll make arrangements to meet with you with your order.

      Curtis Swift, Mesa Lavender Farms

  3. Good morning! I am a new lavender farmer in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. I was told that you might be able to point me in the direction of a good lavender still. We have a small one and are not able to keep up this year with harvesting lavender and making oil.
    Greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Marissa,

      We use the 10 gallon Newhouse stainless steel still from Oregon. If you would please refer to our “About Us” page on our website, we go into detail about our distillation process and the benefits of using food grade stainless steel. – Kate

    1. Hi Peg,

      The recommended dose for the Tincture is 1 mg or 1 drop per 10 lbs of body weight. For instance, if you weigh 150 lbs the recommended dose is 10 drops. You can adjust the dosage accordingly also.

  4. Hello,
    We are headed through Grand Junction up to Grand Mesa next week. Do you have any options for looking at your products, in person, in grand Junction or CedarEdge? I’m from San Diego and have been seeing your posts on Facebook!

    1. Mesa Lavender Farms Products are Great! Thank you for your Excellent Customer
      Service & Your Wealth of Information which you provide!

  5. Hello Kate~
    I am interested in your cbd oils and curious if you deal wholesale? I own an oil specialty shop in Minnesota and have heard wonderful things about your company from a Colorado friend of mine. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance,

  6. Good morning!

    I was very fortunate to attend the Lavender conference last week. Dr. Swift’s lecture was excellent!

    I purchased the CBD Salve one and I am very impressed with results….. I am sorry I didn’t purchase your other products for trial.

    I am interested in trying the full spectrum tincture in one ounce bottle. If you require a minimum, of course I will meet…. please let me know how to proceed with an order.

    Thank you for your time, a wonderful product and valuable knowledge!


    Gerarda M. Boger
    Greenhouse Manager
    Whitmores Inc.
    East Hampton, NY
    (516) 819-2036

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