CBD Daily MoisturizerMy name is Chelsea. I have been using Mesa Lavender Farm’s CBD infused facial moisturizer for the past month, and oh my gosh, it is amazing! I have had the absolute worst acne since my early teens. My acne shows up both on my face and my upper back. At this point, I feel like I’ve tried everything from drug store products to infomercial products and even the super expensive specialty stuff. My skin is so sensitive that a lot of these products have actually made my acne worse. I had pretty much given up hope until recently. I ran into Mesa Lavender Farms’ booth at a festival. I love lavender, so I stopped, and I chatted with the nicest lady. She was talking to me all about their CBD and lavender-infused products. I had never used CBD before and was totally clueless about all of its benefits. I also had no idea lavender had so many qualities outside of smelling great. She really got my attention when she mentioned that CBD and lavender can help clear up acne. Apparently, lavender is known to be cleansing and it turns out that both lavender and CBD contain anti-inflammatory properties. The woman at the lavender booth explained that these benefits combined with the healing benefits of CBD make for the perfect acne treatment. She handed me a container of moisturizer and told me that it was a brand-new formulation that she wanted me to try. I apply it to my face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. I also have been using the moisturizer on my upper back/ shoulder area. Within two weeks I started noticing my acne clearing up. My skin feels so smooth and fresh, and I love the moisturizer’s light scent of lavender. I was so excited about my results that I called Mesa Lavender Farms to tell them how much I was loving their new product! It’s now been two months and I feel like I have completely new skin. Not only has my skin become clear but I’m noticing some of the ugly dark acne scars that I’ve had for years starting to diminish as well. Mesa Lavender Farms told me that is a result of the healing properties found within CBD. I have become such an advocate of this moisturizer that I’ve shared mine with some of my sorority sisters. They loved it so much that now they’re using it now too. The results I have seen in the past two months have been so amazing, using Mesa Lavender Farms’ CBD moisturizer has helped me gain my confidence back. I am so excited to have finally found a product that works for me!

Chelsea Wagner