Why does Mesa Lavender Farms use CBD Distillate and CBD Isolate in our products instead of CBD Hemp Oil?

It has to do with quality and safety.

Hemp oil, CBD oil, and CBD distillate and isolate; What is the difference and why does Mesa Lavender Farms use a CBD distillate and isolate in our products?

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is considered the oil produced from pressing hemp seed. Hemp oil is used in cooking and usually sold in 4 ounce or larger bottles. Since hemp seed contains no CBD the oil produced contains no CBD. You can find Hemp oil online advertised for its CBD content. One can assume  CBD has been added to hemp oil to create these products. However, without a chemical analysis you won’t know the purity of the product or concentration of CBD in the product.

A joint investigation between FOX 11 Los Angeles and the Dr. Oz show has produced alarming results when it comes to what’s really inside unregulated CBD products being sold around the nation.  http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/us-world-news/cbd-craze-fox-11-and-dr-oz-puts-these-popular-products-to-the-test

More than a dozen CBD products evaluated found one CBD product was contaminated with a deadly strain of E. Coli bacteria, two samples contained potentially dangerous levels of ethanol, five samples had no detectable traces of CBD, and only one of the products actually contained what was claimed in its labeling.

CBD oil

CBD oil is extracted from the flowers and leaves of industrial hemp. The percentage of CBD in the oil will vary depending on the age at which the plant is harvested, the strain of hemp, etc. Again the only way to know the percentage of CBD in the oil is by chemical analysis. If the percentage of cannabinoids is shown to be only 61% as on a recent analysis of CBD oil I received, what makes up the other 39% of the oil? What contaminants are in the CBD oil you are purchasing when this oil is used to create products?

Different solvents can be used in the extraction process varying from innocuous organic solvents such as ethanol to more harmful ones such as petroleum-ether and napthan, or even butane. Plant components in the oil can include waxes, triglycerides (fatty-acids) and even chlorophyll.

The CBD distillate we use in our Mesa Lavender Farms tinctures and salves is 98% cannabinoids and has been tested to ensure there are no solvents present as is seen on the Certificate of Analysis. The CBD isolate we use in our THC free tinctures and lotions is 100% CBD. Our goal is to provide the best possible products to our clients.

CBD Distillate

To create the crystalline CBD distillate Mesa Lavender Farms uses in our products, additional layers of refinement of CBD oil must be used. Known as ‘fractional distillation’’ or ‘short-path distillation’ these processes create a more pure substance removing the waxes and other contaminants found in crude CBD oil. You can equate this process to the method used to produce different petroleum products from crude petroleum.

For our Mesa Lavender Farms products we demand a CBD distillate with a much higher percentage of CBD than crude CBD oil and a product much more pure. Our private third party analyses confirm the high quality of our products. Unlike CBD oil, distillate can be 75% or higher in CBD. As indicated the CBD distillate we use consists of 98% cannabinoids. Of those more than 70% is CBD.  It is critical you purchase CBD products as high in cannabinoids as possible to avoid contaminants. CBD distillates typically contain a tiny fraction of THC.

Mesa Lavender Farms takes additional steps to ensure what we market has the CBD stated on our labels. We send samples of the CBD products we create to a private third-party analytical laboratory to determine the percentage of CBD in our products. Using this information we can fine-tune the formulation to ensure perfection.

Our current tincture formulation was certified on February 26, 2019 by ProVerde Laboratories as containing 21.11 milligrams (mg) of CBD per milliliter (ml) of tincture. Our tinctures are formulated so that each drop contains 1 mg of CBD. Since there are 20 drops in one ml, each drop of our tincture contains 1.055 mg of CBD.  You can’t get greater perfection than that.

Every time we purchase and use a new batch of distillate, we go through this verification process to ensure you receive the highest quality product possible.

CBD isolate

CBD isolate is a pure crystalline powder consisting of 90% or more CBD. The isolate we use in our lotions and THC-free tinctures tests out at 100% CBD without any THC.

You can find our high quality CBD products in our shop.