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Dr. Curtis Swift has written plentiful educational blogs on CBD and non-CBD products. Dr. Curtis Swift enjoys contributing his knowledge to the public about CBD and Lavender and how they benefit your body, mind, and soul. Dr. Curtis Swift also has his own personal blog site that you can follow outside of Mesa Lavender Farms. 

Not all Hand Sanitizers are created equal!

Not all Hand Sanitizers are created equal!

Health Canada recalls six hand sanitizers containing industrial-grade ethanol. There is no reason to assume hand sanitizers being sold in the United States and elsewhere are also not contaminated with harmful compounds. In fact, the FDA said it had found significant...

Cannabis and health risks due to fungal contamination.

CDC recently reported those who smoke cannabis risk fungal infections. This makes sense as cannabis is susceptible to fungal/mold infections. Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division 2019 report shows between 13 and 14% of the flower and shake/trim produced for...

DIY Hand Sanitizers Pitfalls with Recommendations

A number of individuals on the web are recommending the use of vodka, rum or gin to make your own hand sanitizer. The key is ensuring the final percentage of ethanol in your hand sanitizer is at least 80% ethanol according to the World Health Organization and FDA. If...

Update on COVID-19

Mesa Lavender Farms® is taking the necessary measures to keep our customers and our staff safe in the face of COVID-19. Our community’s health is our number one priority. We are proud to announce that, in conjunction with being an essential business, Mesa County...

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