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Dr. Curtis Swift has written plentiful educational blogs on CBD and non-CBD products. Dr. Curtis Swift enjoys contributing his knowledge to the public about CBD and Lavender and how they benefit your body, mind, and soul. Dr. Curtis Swift also has his own personal blog site that you can follow outside of Mesa Lavender Farms. 

Soil Preparation and Root Diseases of lavender

Proper soil preparation and root diseases Phytophthora is a major disease of lavender and becoming more of a problem due to the lack of knowledge and field preparation by growers. Proper soil preparation is critical to preventing Phytophthora root rot and other...

Lavender Improves Sleep; Research backs this up!

Lavender Improves Sleep; Research backs this up!

Lavender Improves Sleep Many of Mesa Lavender Farms customers use Lavender essential oil or hydrosol as a sleep aid. Some put drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow, under their nose, or use a diffuser to enhance sleep. Others mist lavender hydrosol on their...

Notes on Degradation of Essential Oils

Essential oil is composed of many substances. Even the minor components derived from oxidation or other degradation reactions may have a strong impact on the flavor and aroma value [i]. Mesa Lavender Farms lavender essential oils are produced following the steps...

What is CBD Oil? How Useful Is It?

CBD Oil from Mesa Lavender Farms “CBD Oil” is one of the top Google searches with thousands of searches a week for this term. CBD Oil is, by definition, CBD which has been extracted from the Cannabis plant and blended with an oil such as coconut oil. CBD oil is not...

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